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Texas Insurane License

An insurance agent is a professional who sells life, health, property, or other types of insurance. He/she maintains a healthy relationship with clients through networking and referrals.

If you possess good negotiating and selling skills, as well as professional manners, then becoming an insurance agent is the right choice for you.

To obtain an insurance license in the state of Texas, you should understand the licensing process. In addition to it, you will find the information you need on the Texas insurance license lookup.

How do I get an insurance license in Texas?

Step 1: Complete pre-licensing courses

After you have made up your mind which type of insurance you want to sell, you can complete appropriate pre-licensing education.

Note that the state of Texas does not have a requirement for particular hours/credits. You are to understand what will work better for you and, consequently, select a studying method.

It is important to know that most applicants choose to attend a pre-licensing course. This way, they get the knowledge they will need to pass the test. Another advantage is that pre-licensing courses arrange the studying process, manage your time and guarantee higher passing rates.

Despite the advantages of taking pre-licensing courses, you may also organize the studying process on your own. To put it differently, you can buy appropriate books or find the necessary material on the Internet, and start preparing for the exam.

Step 2: Take the state licensing exam

To register for the Texas insurance license exam, click here. You should pay $62 for each examination attempt.

Pay attention to the fact that you will be taking the exam in presence of a proctor. Thus, it is going to be a controlled atmosphere.

Please do not forget to bring with you primary ID (passport, passport card, military ID) and secondary ID (security card, credit card).

If you wonder whether the exam is hard or not, then you should not worry. Most of the applicants confirm that it is not that hard to pass. Moreover, the majority of them passed on their first attempt.

Step 3: Submit application

After successfully passing the state licensing exam, you may submit your insurance license application here.

For application, you should pay $50. There is also an additional transaction fee, which is not included in the initial price.

How do I check the status of my insurance license in Texas?

If you want to check the status of your insurance license in Texas, you can do it in some simple steps. All you have to do is go to the official website of the Texas Department of Insurance. Then, type your name/surname and click on the “search” button.

This tool will provide you with relevant information on the license type, qualification, expiration date and license status.

You may also consider calling the Texas Department of Insurance by number 512-676-6500.

In case you want to check whether your insurance agent is licensed or not, you can use this page/toll for that purpose, too. It will immediately show if your agent’s functioning is legit.

Here is the contact information:

Texas Department of Insurance
P.O. Box 149104
Austin, Texas 78714-9104

How do I get a copy of my Texas insurance license?

If you want to get a copy of your Texas insurance license, then you should visit this page. For the service, you will need to pay $5. Within the next 30 days after the payment, you can get extra copies without having to pay additional sum of money.

How do I renew my insurance license in Texas?

To renew your insurance license in the state of Texas, you must meet some requirements. In Texas, completing continuing education is an important requirement for license holders. For this reason, you will be required to complete 24 hours of continuing courses.

Note that you can choose the method of learning as long as you take 12 hours of the given course in a classroom. Learning methods include company seminars, classroom or classroom equivalent, computer-based training or Internet delivery.

After you complete the educational courses, the educational institution/company will send the certificate of completion directly to the state. It is preferable to have a copy of this certificate just in case you need it in the future.

Given these points, you should complete the courses 30 days before your insurance license is due to expire. This way, you will have extra time to present the certificate to the state.

When you meet these requirements, you can renew your insurance license here.

To renew the license, you should pay $50 per line of insurance.

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